Family Tree Of Beliefs

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Emotional Archaeology in action

Family Tree Of Beliefs

Finding YOUR truth within your family beliefs & history ~ Healing your past, present & future

Your family tree has grown over eons to the point in time where you stand right now, as both a leaf on a branch on the trunk attached to the roots as a part of the family, and as the trunk itself as a person in your own divine sovereignty. You are both the fruit of the tree and the seed at the same time. Such is the magical life cycle of a tree and that of your family tree of beliefs.

Stuff Attaches To You And Your Family…

healing your family tree today for future generationsDuring that time however, your tree has had things attach to it like moss and lichen. Birds have nested in it and animals may also have made it their home.

There’s always the chance of it being eroded by weather and hard times, weakening it and undermining its foundations…

We All Yearn To Grow And Be The Best We Can…

Some of the external influences on the tree actually help the tree to grow and thrive, making it stronger, more resilient, taller and more beautiful.

But such is the strength of the tree’s desire to live its life as it was intended, that although the poisons and toxins may have an affect on it, in most cases, it will not be destroyed.

They just make it harder for the tree to thrive and grow and be its best tree.

The Impact Of Family Trauma

Family traumas, secrets and unresolved emotional experiences all impact on you and your family tree, just like the poisons, toxins and hard times do on a tree in nature. By tapping into the essence of your true self and clearing ancestral patterns of the family tree of beliefs, you too can thrive in tough conditions ~  just like the tree.

What Is Your Truth?

So, what is your truth? Have you ever asked yourself that question? How did you feel about the answer you got? If you’re anything at all like me, you probably ran from the answer, cringing at its implications. Maybe you ducked and weaved, groaned and buried it, knowing in your heart that the answer was spot on.

What If The Path To Your Truth Seems WAY Too hard?

Your path to your truth seemed just WAY too hard and painful to even contemplate. You thought too many people would be hurt in the process of achieving YOUR truth and you didn’t believe yourself to be worthy of it anyway.

Are You Compromising Your True Self?clearing ancestral karma with clearing ancestral lineage and emotional patterns

And while you knew – deep down inside, secretly buried inside of you, you KNEW – that although you weren’t living your truth, by denying your soul’s perfect answer to that perfect question, you were prepared to live out the rest of your life compromising your soul’s deepest yearning…

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The Fact You Have Asked This Question Is A STRONG Indicator..

The very fact that you’ve asked yourself the question “What is my truth?” is a really strong indicator that you’re not in it!

Otherwise you’d know what your truth was because your heart would be singing, your health would be blooming, your eyes would sparkle when you spoke your truth to others, your relationships would be thriving and overall, so would you.

Have YOU Ever Wondered…

You may be thinking that you haven’t asked yourself that exact question. But if you’ve ever thought something similar to these questions, they essentially mean exactly the same thing…

  • Is this all there is to life?
  • Why doesn’t my life look like I thought it would?
  • Why am I not happy?
  • What will it take for me to get the life I want?
  • How am I going to get through yet another DAY of this, let alone weeks, months or years?
  • I have everything I’ve ever wanted, so why am I still not happy?
  • Why do I feel like I just can’t get past this feeling of ________?
  • I know what my truth is but I’m scared to go there. What happens if it doesn’t work out and makes my life even worse than it is now?
  • How come everybody else’s life is going so great and mine’s going down the drain?
  • I’m earning the 6-figure income I always wanted but why do I still feel like there’s something missing?
  • How do I stop this lost & confused ‘one-legged duck’ feeling of going around and around in circles?
  • I know that I’m not being honest with myself but the fear of what happens next if I follow my truth scares the life out of me more. How do I overcome that fear?
  • How did my life get to this place of pain / loneliness / anxiety / sadness / isolation / heartache / stress / depression / poverty / _________ (you fill in the gaps)…?

Have you ever considered that the sparkly sunshine of YOUR truth is clouded by the layers of family and society truth? Click HERE to find out how I let my heart-light shine brightly…

In Those Quiet Moments, You Know You Can Achieve & Be SO Much More


Do you have a deep yearning to be somewhere else, live a different life, do a different job, feel differently?Healing ancestral patterns by Healing family patterns

But you couldn’t possibly break away from your current way of living and being because it would be going against all that you’ve been taught and told – and believed – as you were growing up?

Family Tree Of Beliefs Patterns Are Ingrained…

Your family’s patterning and belief systems are deeply ingrained in your mind and in your behaviour. But they’re also deeply ingrained in the cells of your body. It’s in your family tree of beliefs DNA!

Do you really KNOW what it is about your ancestors that you carry in your cells?

YOU may not consciously know but your cells do! You may have thoughts that trouble you for reasons you can’t explain. Are there blocks in your life that prevent you from moving past a certain thing each time you try it and you don’t know why?

Do You Have Feelings & Behaviours That Don’t Feel Like Yours?

Fears of snakes, spiders, heights or flying that have no basis in your own life.  You may have done something yourself that goes against every shred of your own morals and belief systems. Maybe you fail to understand how you could possibly have done it.

There might be feelings in your body that don’t even feel like they belong to you. But how could that even be true, you wonder?

Ancestral Trauma IS Inherited…

And along with trauma of family tree of beliefs comes the emotional residue left behind, unresolved in the body, which changes the way DNA behaves.

My Personal Story

clearing ancestral patterns

My personal experience has seen me identify the fear of going public with this very business as I realised that I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to cope with it as it grew and became more involved, requiring more of my time and energy than I was prepared for or even able to give.

My Grandmother’s Fear That I’d Inherited Was Stopping Me!

It turned out to be an inherited fear of one of my grandmother’s and her inability to cope with 6 children to the point where she retreated into a life of illness, disease and depression soon after the last child was born. That way she didn’t HAVE to cope with it at all!

I Was Afraid Of Being ‘Different’ To My Family

I’ve also realised that I was afraid of being ‘different’ in my family. The spiritual one, the hippie one, the way out one, the one who doesn’t become the full-time-stay-at-home-home-mum caring for her children or work in a ‘normal’ job. The one who doesn’t want to work for someone else. The one who wants to follow through on her dream of changing the world, one heart & soul at a time. No one’s ever said these things to me although I’m sure my kids do see me as a bit “cray cray” sometimes!

But this has grown in me as I’ve developed my spirituality and begun to come out of the spiritual closet, so to speak. I let my spiritual beliefs be crushed during my twenties and thirties, ignoring or hiding them.

But through my family tree of beliefs and family tree investigations of my ancestors, I’ve now just discovered that my great grandmother was a hands-on healer in the early 1900’s and I couldn’t be happier!! I have found the link, a family connection to where this has manifested from in me.

3 Generations of DNA And A Family Tree Of Beliefs Can Have A Massive Effect On You


Did you know that there are 14 different lots of DNA, all affecting you and your life and your own experiences to some degree or another, from just 3 generations above you? What an amazing concept!!  And they’re only the biological links.

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What About The Effect Of Step Parents…

What about the step-parents that may have come into your family tree at some point in those past 3 generations, like they have in mine. They also became a part of your family and your family tree of beliefs in an energetic and environmental sense and you are also affected and influenced by them in various ways.

And If You Are Adopted? How Can This Affect You…?

And if you were adopted into another family, you’re energetically and environmentally influenced by those parents as well. The family tree of beliefs list goes on…

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The Ripple Effect ~ You Don’t Even Know It’s Happening

clearing and healing ancestral wounds

This is because we humans are basically each one big ball of energy-infused cells bouncing around on Earth. My energy interacts with and reacts to your energy. I am affected by yours just as you are affected by mine. And when others are then also affected by my energy which is changed by yours this is called The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect Happens So Quietly…

The Ripple Effect frequently goes unseen, unnoticed & unknown. When you act upon something, you won’t usually see more than a couple of direct effects or consequences of that action. However, the energetic and physical ripples that it causes can go on almost without limit.

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Only You Have The Power And Choice To Change You

You are your own Divine Sovereign Being, with the power of awareness, choice and change. You can choose to question and examine your thoughts and beliefs.

You can choose to ask yourself whether you really, truly BELIEVE that thought or belief. Ponder where its origin is, where did you first hear it? When did you begin to believe it? Where have you heard it before, possibly repeated over and over again from a parent or grandparent?

Because chances are, IT’S NOT YOURS! Most of our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are not original, they have come from everybody else around us, our family tree of beliefs….

The Influencing Role Of Genetics

Genetics and DNA have a very important role to play in your development and life, it is true. You cannot permanently change your blue eyes or curly red hair. But…

The idea that you are a victim of your genes is now incorrect.

It has been recently discovered that only 5% of genetic diseases have a fixed, or fully penetrant basis, meaning that at some point they WILL manifest in the body. But that leaves a whopping 95% of them that may NOT.  This also means that, in the vast majority of cases, even though you may have a genetic predisposition to a particular disease or illness by inheritance, you do not necessarily have to develop or succumb to that disease.

Epigenetics teaches that environmental factors – your thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs – have a massive part to play in the triggering or activating of these genes.

The belief that “heart disease is in my family” can be enough to manifest it. But at the same time, so can the belief that you WON’T manifest it be enough to keep it at bay. Thus the expression of family tree of beliefs.

Such is the power of belief systems

You’re influenced by the genetic makeup of generations before you but your awareness and consciousness surrounding this means that you can now consciously CHOOSE your environment, beliefs and behaviours based on your own CONSCIOUS programming.

You can choose to be controlled by their programming.

Or Not.

Overcoming family problems with family tree generational healingYou can change your family programs  and your family tree of beliefs just like a TV channel. You only have to choose to do so.

This means that when you choose to change what you believe, in a positive and loving way, that you will be altering your genes for the positive benefit of future generations. Energetically, this can have a ripple effect on those already living as well as those in spirit.


Heal yourself and you heal your family


Heal your family and you heal the world.


Choose Your Life Story: You Are Worth It!

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