About Me

My story didn’t start with me and it won’t end with me.

Who I am is made up of many who have come before me in my ancestral family. Along the way, layers and layers of patterns, programming and pain have been handed down through their DNA, blurring the edges of my Potential; my innate Truest Self. My inheritance has been more emotional than financial, just as yours will undoubtedly be, and I have also been carrying around lots of baggage I hadn’t even realised was there!

I Am A Woman On A Mission To Help Other Women Find Their Truth

Right now though, in this current human life I’m a woman on a mission to help other women uncover THEIR truth, which lies within the layers of generations of ancestral experiences, traumas, beliefs and history.

I’m also a mother of 4 beautiful adult children, Nanny to one adorable little bundle of boy-joy and wife of one special earth angel. I’m a daughter, sister and friend.

The Truth Lies Deep Within Your Heart…

Your truth lies within your heart. You carry within you the brilliance of a stunning multifaceted gem. But it can be really tough to first understand and then believe that concept. Like me, you may not even consciously know what your truth is. Then it can be even tougher to begin the process of doing the archaeological family tree dig on your own. Where do you even start?

I Have Done The Tough Stuff

Well, I’ve done the tough stuff myself. I’ve lived for a significant portion of my 50+ years not realising that my soul, the real Jodie, was suffocating underneath all of those layers of unresolved ancestral patterns, pain and limiting beliefs.

Until one day someone took a peek underneath those heavy layers and saw a glimpse of someone I don’t believe I’d ever seen ~ the REAL Jodie!!

The Universe Tapped Me On The Shoulder…

And because I’d been ignoring my truth for such a long time, the Universe saw fit to create devastation in my life as the only way for me to allow me out from under the layers; the only way for it to get the message across to me that I was rejecting myself, abandoning MYSELF and going against all that was meant for my soul.

The Pain Of Abandonment…

In the painful process that followed, I abandoned others and they abandoned me right back. The most important people in my life were the most painful ones to bear but slowly we were able to heal those wounds and create an even stronger bond between us as I began to see, know and LIVE my truth.

Allow The Authentic You To Shine Out

Because the more truthful your existence, the more honest you can be with the people you love. The more REAL you are, the more the authentic YOU shines out for all to see and love again.

One of the most amazing benefits to come out of all this for me so far is a new found sense of compassion that I have for ALL of my ancestors and a completely different way of looking at life. I now look at family differently.

We Are All Doing The Best We Can In This Moment

AFP JodieCompassion is not just a word. And family is not just those relatives that you’ve met. I now understand that each and every one of us does the best we can at any given moment in time but that there can also be factors unknown to us and outside of our control that influence and effect our lives.

It has also helped me to be far gentler, kinder and more loving with myself as I come to learn more about how my life is inextricably woven into the fabric of my family tapestry. That I am part of them and they are part of me.

Knowing what has gone before me has reduced and released pressure on me to blame myself for every little thing that goes wrong in my life. It didn’t necessarily start with me!

Don’t get me wrong here, I am still responsible for my actions but I can now choose my future actions with the awareness that a previous automatic response and learned behaviour from the past may not really be mine. Now I can choose what really IS mine, with awareness.

My healing journey has included:

  • Journaling
  • Spiritual healing sessions
  • Training in Levels 1, 2 and masters in Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Reiki attunement to levels 1 and 2
  • Spiritual travel to Egypt and Jordan where I participated in past life regression therapy sessions
  • Attending and facilitating Mindfulness courses and workshops
  • Meditation sessions which were infused with spiritual practices opening my life to my spiritual nature
  • Completing both a Soul Business Blueprint coaching program and a Sacred Money Blueprint coaching program, both created by the very wise and intuitive Natalie Kent, which has been invaluable in helping me dig into my spiritual and ancestral roots to find where I came from and what I’m here to do
  • Attending Living Soul and Heart of Living extended workshops and retreats
  • Completing Angel Intuitive certification
  • Using Aromatherapy and Earthing products to support and assist in my emotional and physical healing. These are also used as support tools in my workshops to assist you on your Truth journey
  • Learning to listen to and follow the soul whispers of my intuition
  • Attending many Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra ‘I Can Do It’ events as well as their Writer’s Workshop
  • Creating & attending regular local women’s circles where like-hearted women come together to learn from, share with and support each other
  • Visiting the graves of my ancestors and compiling my personal family tree
  • Deep, heartfelt & sincere apologies to members of my family who I have hurt by abandoning them
  • Landmark Forum and Advanced Course
  • Understanding that I am a complex human being with elements of a Scorpio sun sign, Libra moon sign and a Leo ascendant as well as being a numerological 28/10, a 4/1 Manifesting Generator in Human Design profiling, an Emoter Creator type with the Lake as my natural state and a Coach Healing Archetype all born in the Chinese Year of the Wood Snake – PHEW!!


I Am All These Things And SO Much More

I am all of these things and more. I’m also descended from Welsh, English, Irish and Scottish ancestors to my current knowledge. But watch this space as I am about to take an Ancestry DNA test to find out where else in the world my DNA has come from…

The more I heal myself, the more my family has healed. THIS is my most precious achievement and a lasting legacy for not only my children but all the future generations to follow.

I believe this is the single most important thing we can do for our families – heal ourselves.

In Truth, Love and Healing

Jodie xxx


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