DNA & Epigenetics: How Does This Affect You Now?

Did you know that you contain genetic bits & pieces, DNA & Epigenetics, of both of your parents as well as their parents and also their parents! That’s a combination of the experiences, belief systems, patterns, habits and traumas of 14 different people. And that’s going back only 3 generations!! When you add your child’s other parent into the equation, this grows to a massive 30 people that your child is being influenced by, embodying, carrying and possibly living out behaviours and ancestral wounds created by their ancestors.

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Your Ancestors Are A Living Part Of You, DNA & Epigenetics

Whether you know who these ancestors are or not, you still contain aspects and elements of their DNA. You may know their names, have photographs of them on the walls of your home and even have some of their possessions as heirlooms. This is why I like to work with you in the privacy of your own home, surrounded by the energy of your ancestors to help in healing ancestral wounds..

But Do You Know Who They Really Were?

Do you know what pain and suffering they went through in wars and times of hardship, what jobs they did or even what their favourite colour or food was?

What tragedies impacted their lives, sometimes repeatedly to the point of deep despair? What dreams they either did or didn’t fulfil in their own lifetimes? What secrets they may have carried to the grave? Ancestral wounds carry on down through the family tree which is why it’s important in clearing ancestral karma.

My Ancestral History

DNA & EpigeneticsThrough delving into my families’ histories on both sides, I discovered that one grandfather, a coal miner who emigrated from Wales to Australia when he was only 4 years old, lost his mother during childbirth only 4 short years later when he was 8.

7 Young Children Abandoned…

I found out that one of my great grandmothers died at the age of 40 leaving 7 children from the age of 2 months old up to 18yo.

Imagine The Trauma Experienced…

Imagine the trauma those 7 children experienced and embodied from a very young age in losing THE most important bond in a child’s life. And since my grandmother was one of those children, I stood a pretty big chance of inheriting some of her feelings of abandonment.

Further Trauma Experiences…

That grandmother went on to lose her husband in a work accident when she was 40 and had already had her 2nd child die from meningitis at the age of 10 months.

The Theme Of Abandonment Runs In My Family

In total, I discovered that four people within the three generations directly above me had lost one of their parents at the age of 8 and another at the age of 11.

So it stands to reason that there is a theme of abandonment running through my family, beginning many generations ago and continuing in my own generation and even one below mine in my own children. Which is why I became determined to start my journey of clearing ancestral karma for future generations –  to bring healing to my family.

How Does Abandonment Manifest Through Generations?

Abandonment can change in its manifestation through the generations of DNA & Epigenetics in how it shows up. There may be no further deaths of parents but parental abandonment may still show up. Chronic illness and depression of a parent renders them unable to fully deliver on the parenting of a child or children.

Unexpected surgery takes a parent out of the picture for a short while at least as does being away from young children for work. A child can feel abandoned by the parent, especially when the child is less than 2-3 years old.

My Personal Experience Of Abandonment

My personal experience of this shows up as being separated from my 17 month old first born daughter to go into hospital to have her baby brother, a period of 5 days or so where she would have felt abandoned by the person who had spent almost every single moment of the day with her prior to that.

Then on my son’s 2nd birthday, I required emergency surgery for appendix removal and a hospital stay of several days.  This is yet another abandonment by the person who the child is basically addicted to, such is the power of the mother-child bond.

Back then though, I was unaware of the pattern of abandonment running through my family. Sometimes separations can’t be avoided for all sorts of valid reasons. But at least you and I both know now the effect they can have on our family members, where they may have originated and that clearing ancestral karma DNA & Epigenetics is possible for future generations to come.

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