Inherited Family Stories ~ Or Is It Really Inherited Family Pain?

The pain you might feel in your life now is real. It FEELS real. And it is. But is it YOUR pain? Inherited family pain is more likely the culprit.

Some of the themes, patterns, stories or shadows that get repeated and inherited through the generations can be totally heartbreaking! Think about the difference you could make for future generations to come by ancestral lineage clearing and healing ancestral wounds…

Some Of The Patterns To Run Through Generations

  • death of young children
  • suicide
  • betrayal
  • illness
  • anger
  • abuse of various kinds
  • alcoholism
  • shame
  • mental ilnesses
  • violence
  • poverty
  • abandonment
  • eating disorders
  • co-dependency
  • addiction
  • pride
  • parents dying young
  • depression and anxiety

inherited family pain down the generations

Do You Suffer Irrational Fears?

Fears of flying, heights, spiders and snakes can be passed down through generations. You may very well have one of these fears with absolutely zero no personal basis for it. But you know that mum or granddad has the same fear. Despite you never having directly experienced a trauma around one of these fears, these can be DNA-changing events. So it’s not yours. It didn’t start with you.

How About Racism / Prejudices…?

Racism and prejudice, particularly of the religious kind, can run very deep in a family. So it actually can be the case that you are born with racist genes however the reinforcement a child receives from its family and environment, make it stronger and more established.

Family Secrets…

Family secrets, especially, carry the strongest unresolved emotion and energy of all as they’ve been avoided and ignored, such is the trauma attached to them. These are the patterns most likely to be inherited and ancestral lineage clearing is vital in order for future generations to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Wounds From The Past That Haven’t Healed…

“Deadly emotions, buried alive, never die” ~ Joyce Meyer

The secretive, negative, sad, troubled and unresolved emotions and traumas will be the ones which will continue to affect past, present and future generations as they stay locked in your DNA, locked into your family lineage at a cellular level.

When trauma, pain and tough experiences beset us, and sometimes life appears to knock us down again and again, it’s our response to these events that decides whether they sink into our cells, changing our DNA or not.

Your resilience, consciousness and acceptance of your life experiences to the point where you understand that what happens to you is actually not a personal affront or attack on you in any way.

Instead another projecting or acting out their own inherited family pain, unhappiness, buried anger, sadness or grief, makes life is so much more enjoyable, lighter and more authentic. Contrary to popular belief, you are not the centre of everybody else’s Universe!

“Just Get On With It!”

Just a generation or two ago it was the norm for stoicism to reign supreme along with the attitude to “just get on with it”. Sure, life was tough for them but in most cases, feelings were never discussed, resolved and cleared.  Family beliefs such as this can be cleared and healed.

Often the only time husbands and wives revealed their true feelings about their spouse and their marriage was once the other had passed or on their deathbed. Consequently, they reveal that they had remained unhappily married most of their lives, growing more and more miserable from the inside out, the pain of unfulfilled dreams, illness and disease eating away at them.

These days we are more willing to speak up and follow our hearts which is why we are slowly choosing to begin healing the pain in our ancestral lineage. We are choosing to not settle like many of our ancestors did. We are choosing to speak up for ourselves and how we want to live our lives.

Healing Ancestral Wounds

Are you ready to choose to begin healing yourself with ancestral lineage clearing for the benefit of the thousands of people you represent in your family as you stand at the head of the line?

Are you ready to change the course of history in a loving, healed and whole way by healing ancestral wounds as a legacy for your children and your children’s children?

Is it time to cross the line from inherited family pain into the realms of conscious awakening  and generational healing on behalf of all who came before you?

Are You Ready To Heal Yourself And Others In Your Family Of Inherited Family Pain?

I can hear them all clapping for you now… 🙂

Learn how you can work with me to clear and heal ancestral wounds today


ancestral healing techniques work on clearing ancestral karma


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