Life Changing =DNA Changing= The Ripple Effect

clearing ancestral patternsWhen 21yo Jonny Benjamin planned to take his own life in 2008 by jumping off London’s Waterloo Bridge, he had no idea just how life changing and DNA changing that would be.

The TV show ‘Stranger On A Bridge” was made about Jonny’s campaign to #FindMike. It became a top trending Twitter hashtag in early 2014 and is based on his story.

Fortunately for Jonny that day, before he had taken that final step, ‘Mike’ came along and stopped him. By talking to him, giving him his time, listening to him and telling him that everything would be okay.

What Mike said to Jonny on that bridge was enough for Jonny to rethink his plan and leave that bridge alive. “The pivotal moment for me was when he said ‘you can get through this, you can get better’ because up until that point no-one had said it would get better.”

A Profoundly Beautiful Example Of The Ripple Effect At Work

But Jonny had never seen ‘Mike’ again after that day. In 2013, Jonny began vlogging about mental illness and his own story in the hopes of helping to reach others who were where he had once been. In January 2014, Jonny launched the #FindMike campaign to find the man who he credited with his life changing turnaround.

After A Long Search, They Finally Met…

Despite several false leads, lots of TV appearances and a massive international following Jonny found his ‘Mike’ and they met. Jonny finally had the chance to say Thank You to the person who saved his life and changed his life.

It turns out Mike’s real name was Neil Laybourn. Jonny and Neil now campaign together through Heads Together to raise awareness of and remove the stigmas from mental illness; another remarkable Ripple Effect.

The Lifechanging Effects Of A Pivotal Moment…

The positive ongoing effects of a life changing pivotal moment or experience are enough to change your DNA in a positive way. In just the same way, negative life changing events can change it in a negative way. When your DNA is changed, both past and future generations are impacted by clearing ancestral patterns.

Yesterday I experienced a personal DNA changing event as I helped another to realise her own emotional breakthrough in healing ancestral wounds – a beautiful moment for us both which will have more positive ripple effects to come…

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