Living Your Truth: (Or “What is YOUR truth?”)

What does that big statement/question really mean? In a nutshell, it’s about who the real you is, deep inside your heart. The real you whose soul whispers messages to you that you know to be your deepest essence; YOUR truth.

What does your heart want? What is your soul whispering?

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The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

And the Universe, your Soul, Higher Self or God, whatever you choose to call this higher power, will hold you accountable, one way or the other. It KNOWS what’s in your heart, even if you continue to consciously deny it.

Hints that you may not be listening to your heart or following your soul whispers can be identified with the following questions:

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar…?

  • What lie, big or small, is playing out in your life and causing havoc with your mental, emotional or physical state?
  • Are you giving in to passive-aggressive behaviour by your partner and gradually shutting yourself down as your soul slowly suffocates?
  • Do you know what you want from life when asked?
  • Do you often feel numb, asleep or on autopilot as you go through your days?
  • Do you feel like it is Groundhog Day every day?
  • Are you spending hours each day in a job that sucks the life from you?
  • Is your job the only thing that keeps you sane and gives your life meaning?
  • What are you avoiding by working such long hours?
  • Are you often physically ill with one thing or another, with a constant stream of doctors &/or specialist appointments?
  • Do you identify with your medical conditions, illness or physical ailments?
  • Are these the main topics of conversation for you?
  • Do you know what it’s like to FEEL and express emotions rather than squashing or denying them?
  • Do you constantly sacrifice your own wishes, dreams and desires for your partner or children?
  • What is the truth of your life that you are hiding from due to feeling too weak to make the change you know you need to?
  • Do you feel unsupported in your dreams and desires?
  • Do you feel that you are constantly surrounded by or embroiled in one drama after another?
  • What are you avoiding by never being quietly alone with yourself?
  • Can you tell your partner things about your shadow side, dark thoughts that even you are uncomfortable with, without fear of judgement, rejection, retribution or derision?
  • Are you living the life of somebody else’s design, following somebody else’s idea of who you should be and how you should act?
  • Are you following the wishes of your parents or grandparents in pursuing a career or direction contrary to what YOU want to do?
  • Are you living somewhere that makes you physically ill out of obligation, to comply with the wishes of others?
  • Do you feel constantly drained by the people around you rather than inspired, nourished and nurtured?
  • Have you had niggling thoughts about a truth for you that you continue to deny for fear that acknowledging and taking action on it will ruin your life and the lives of those you love?
  • Are you afraid to tell your partner or your family about how you want to grow and change?
  • Are you looking for a soul family to support and nurture you through living your truth?

Listen To Your Heart: Follow Your Truth

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When you follow your truth, GREAT things happen. Universal Law rewards those who follow their truth.

When you deny your truth, you inevitably end up with a slap across the head that FORCES change in sometimes uncontrollable ways.

This can appear in your life as disease or illness, accident or out of character behaviour.  Denying your truth can lead to devastation and destruction of various kinds.

Take some time to sit and really listen to what your heart is telling you….

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