The Ripple Effect: What Is It And How Does It Effect Me?

A great example of the Ripple Effect is when I share something on Facebook. The only people I know for sure who have seen it are the ones who act on it by ‘liking’ it, commenting or sharing it. Not everybody who sees it will respond to it in that way. Some will see it, quietly acknowledge its resonance or truth for them and move on to the next post in their feed. But they are still TRANSFORMED BY IT on some level.

Transformation Happens Subtly…

Others will actively seek out my posts as a source of their daily feel-good practice, still not hit the ‘like’ button, but also BE TRANSFORMED BY IT.

Still more may read it, scoff at its “rainbows & unicorns” feel and move on but find it comes back into their thoughts later that day. They too are TRANSFORMED BY IT.

Some who read it choose to be another ripple in the pond and share it on their own page, thereby having an even wider effect is it ripples out from their world in another direction. They will be helping to TRANSFORM OTHERS.

But I’m not even aware of most of these specific changes in people who have been touched by it

Then every once in a while someone will take the time to tell me how much my positive posts and shares have impacted their lives. Then I get to find out the impact of my action. This has actually happened to me a few times. People have actually told me how important my shared posts are to them; how much they look forward to them.

These Are All Ripples Stemming From My 1 Action

I have changed people without knowing it. My intention was certainly to have an overall positive impact when I put that post out there, I absolutely acknowledge that. But, in doing so I must just TRUST that it will land where it’s needed. I trust that it will change who it needs to and in return, I too, am changed. This is how my aligning with my truth can create positive change for others. The same is true for YOU!

This Is #TheRippleEffect In Action

clearing ancestral karma with ancestral lineage clearing techniques

When it comes to your family, you’re affected by even MORE than just their DNA and energy.  You’re affected by their programming. The automatic, subconscious, repeated and habitual beliefs, ideas, words, actions, traumas, experiences and behaviours that you absorbed from them.

From The Moment Of Your Conception…

Basically from the moment of your conception, up until you were 7 years old and for as long as you unconsciously continue to you are living from a place of PROGRAMMING.  You’re also affected by the actions, habits, experiences, traumas and belief systems of your ancestors. The environmental influences for your grandparents and their grandparents shaped their lives and continues to shape yours.

But You Don’t Live In The 12th or 19th Century Anymore!

The Ripple Effect works both ways. There can be positive ripples and negative ripples. Sometimes they can even be more than gentle ripples. Sometimes the effect of one’s choices and actions can be devastating, like a tsunami, and other times they can be nothing short of miraculous.

  • Living your life to please others and not you causes negative ripple effects.
  • Going against what you know in your heart to be true for you causes negative ripple effects.
  • Hiding your true nature, character and personality causes negative ripple effects. These kind of negative ripple effects are the ones which will affect you mentally, emotionally or physically. Or even all three.
  • The ripple effects of allowing children to get away with destructive or aggressive behaviour can grow to become the habits of a violent adult who sees this as normal and acceptable behaviour. Giving kids everything they ask for when they’re youngsters can create adults who don’t know how to earn rewards for effort or how to save up for things they want for themselves, often turning them to credit for instant gratification.
  • Failing to teach children about being responsible for one’s own actions, choices and behaviours contributes to an adult who blames everyone else for their life when things don’t go their way. This leads to victim hood and relinquishing the power to change anything yourself.
  • A teacher’s cutting remarks about the artwork of a student can choke creativity before it’s allowed to develop and is often based in the teacher’s own feelings of unfulfilled creativity and failure and not a true reflection of the student’s talent.
  • Conversely, the ripple effects of kindness shown by one person to another can be life-changing. Stories abound of how a kind word or deed at just the right time to someone in the depths of despair can literally be life-saving. A kind word spoken to a stranger at just the right time can change their minds about their plans to suicide. A good deed, even done anonymously, can show someone that there ARE good people in the world.
  • The Pay It Forward movement has sent many positive ripples throughout the world. Its expansion comes from the way in which the kindness is moved on from you rather than just staying within two people. Rather than repaying the favour directly back to the person who did the good turn, Paying It Forward spreads the kindness and its effects across a much larger area and allows more people to benefit from that kindness.

The Dramatic Ripple Effect In My Life

Heal ancestral lineage by intensive work on Healing ancestral patternsThe Ripple Effect has had a dramatic impact on my own life since making one decision in 2009 to begin to heal myself.

I had abruptly left my marriage of almost 25 years, with devastating consequences.


The amount of magical and synchronistic events that rippled through my life during the first year of my healing journey still astounds me as I think back over them now…

  • A small, soft, downy, grey, angelic feather floated down from the sky in the middle of nowhere, directly into my hand. This was within an hour of me drawing the oracle card ‘Woo-woo is wonderful’ from the deck called “Trust your Vibes”
  • That same afternoon a book called “Falling Feathers” appeared in front of me in a shop that was meant to be closed
  • Some people left my life
  • Some people already in my life began to heal as I healed
  • Yet other new ones entered or re-entered my life from many years past, including many school friends I had lost contact with
  • One of those people was my now husband who I hadn’t seen for 30 years! We had been high school sweethearts in our early teens and stayed friends during the remainder of high school but completely lost touch after that
  • I met him, quite unexpectedly, at a coffee shop on the way to seeing my spiritual healer, the woman who had, three months earlier, named him as my soulmate who would be getting in touch with me
  • His daughter also just happened to be a new staff member where I worked as a contractor, employed to take the place of my daughter, who also happened to be born on his birthday!!
  • A current staff member of his had been employed more than 15 years prior to replace me in an unrelated business
  • My sister-in-law’s stepdad was a workmate of my husband’s in his first job of university

Think about the massive amount of energy, people, places and events that Universal Magic had to coordinate to make that meeting happen!

This is a single illustration of how making just ONE decision or choice to align your life to your own truth and begin to heal yourself in line with that alignment can literally begin to TRANSFORM THE WORLD.

One choice followed up by action, when done in alignment with your own truth, sets in motion a chain of events that will delight, surprise, enchant, amaze and astound you in ways you never thought of or could have dreamed up if you tried.

This Is The Magic of the Ripple EffectHealing your family tree with  Family tree healing

I am a walking example of it. So is my husband.

Two years before we met again, he’d received a wake-up call in the form of some spot-on advice from a client and friend.

She told him “You look like shit! You’ll never find someone to love you until you start loving yourself”. His response to this advice and the changes he then made in his own life set him on a journey where our ripples bumped into each other, setting off another bigger ripple in both our lives.

Let me help you create healthy, loving and truthful Ripple Effects in your life

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